VR DOCS - Through a Black Lens

Virtual Reality (VR) is a rewarding medium for documentarians: it offers an unmatchable experience that literally drops the viewer in an unknown reality. This year DOCVILLE selected three short documentaries that submerge you in the reality that black men and women experienced, both past and present.

Travelling While Black

What is it like to travel through America as a black person in the 20th century? What are the possible risks and the places to be avoided. And the other hand, where can you enjoy tasty food and a decent bed?

Accused no. 2: Walter Sisulu

Take place in a court in South Africa in the '60. 10 anti-apartheid activists from the ANC are facing a lifelong prison sentence. After Nelson Mandela Walter Sisulu, accused number 2, is up.

Ashe ‘68

During the tumultuous year of 1968 Arthus Ashe is the first black man to break through to the absolute top of international male tennis. Relive a historical day in the (completely white) tennis club West Side where Ashe wrote history.


Practical: you buy a ticket for the compilation of these 3 films you watch with a pair of VR goggles. You are expected at the VR collection point 5 minutes before the indicated hour at ZEDVesalius. A DOCVILLE volunteer will accompany you through this trip

VR sets will be disinfected after each use, a throw away paper "face protector" is available for all guests

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is een dankbaar medium voor documentaire­makers: het biedt immers een niet te evenaren ervaring die de kijker letterlijk in een ongekende realiteit dropt.  Dit jaar selecteerde DOCVILLE drie korte documentaires die je onderdompelen in de realiteit zoals die was voor zwarte mannen en vrouwen, vroeger en nu.

Society Historical documentary USA

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2018 45 min.
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Virtual Reality


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