Gimme Danger

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DOCVILLE 2017 is voorbij, de volgende editie is gepland tussen 21-29 maart 2018. Onderstaande informatie slaat op de editie van 2017.
DOCVILLE 2017 has passed, the next edition will be March 21-29th 2018. The information below refers to the 2017 edition.

Gimme Danger

Directed by Jim Jarmusch
USA | 108 min. | English (no subtitles)

Immerse yourself in the fascinating story behind the legendary band The Stooges, including comments by the equally legendary front man Iggy Pop. Director of service is none other than Jim Jarmusch (Coffee and Cigarettes, Only Lovers Left Alive, Paterson), describing his own documentary as 'a love letter to possibly the greatest band in the history of rock 'n' roll'.

The legendary rock band The Stooges was at the start of a new music genre and witnessed the birth and creation of punk and alternative rock in the late 1960's. Gimme Danger tells the story behind the band and gives insight into the musical, cultural, political and historical context in which they and their music arose. Gimme Danger is an entertaining documentary about the chaotic rise and fall, as well as the reunion of Iggy Pop and his iconic band The Stooges, of course, peppered with some music tracks, giving a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the initial commercial difficulties, but also a revelation of the key to their ultimate long-term success.  A must-see for any lover of rock 'n' roll.
Jim Jarmusch - considered the coolest filmmaker in contemporary art house circuit - chooses to focus on the Stooges, rather than the commercially better and more successful solo career of front man Iggy Pop. But Iggy himself is present in the film, and the center speaker of Jarmusch's story, along with the other surviving members of The Stooges. The narrations are exquisitely wrapped with archival footage, explanations on The Stooges' influences, as well as all sorts of sensational anecdotes.

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Producer Carter Logan, Fernando Sulichin
Cinematography Tom Krueger
Music The Stooges