The Road Movie

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DOCVILLE 2017 is voorbij, de volgende editie is gepland tussen 21-29 maart 2018. Onderstaande informatie slaat op de editie van 2017.
DOCVILLE 2017 has passed, the next edition will be March 21-29th 2018. The information below refers to the 2017 edition.

The Road Movie

Directed by Dmitrii Kalashnikov
Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, Servia | 60 min. | Russian (English subtitled)

In Russia, everything is possible on the road, so everyone is driving around with a dash cam. It is an insurance against unwarranted claims, but also a means against corrupt police officers. The main character of this long trip of dash cam videos is not a famous person, but the everyday Russian man or woman on the street, or rather road.

We see Russians struggling with the forces of nature when driving by a forest fire, agonizing about a gang of paramilitaries stepping out of a car in front of them, being goodhearted when a young lady is being ripped off by a taxi driver. Repeatedly a person escapes death in the most peculiar and spectacular ways. A round luminous source in the sky is a UFO, or is it a crashing airplane or a meteorite? Who knows... Director Dmitry Kalashnikov (yes, that is his real name) edited the found footage to Life as it is: Russia. And it is raw and unfiltered, absurd and frightening.

About the director(s)



Producer Volia Chajkouskaya, ovi Film, Eight and a Half Studio
Editing Dmitrii Kalashnikov