Coup 53Taghi Amirani

Briton Norman Darbyshire worked at MI6, the British secret service, in the early 1950s. He was responsible for the coup that the CIA and MI6 carried out in utmost secrecy against the progressive Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh. Actor Ralph Fiennes voices the recovered testimony of Darbyshire in which the hallucinatory story of the coup is revealed.

Darbyshire's testimony dates back to 1985 but was never published; after all, he did not want it out in the open. Director Taghi Amirani found the transcript while investigating the coup and was able to use it because Darbyshire had passed away. Amirani, whose family is from Iran, sets out like a true detective in search of what happened and reveals a step-by-step story that reads like the scenario of a spy thriller, where the covert role of MI6 and the CIA fully comes to light for the first time. Oscar-nominated actor Ralph Fiennes interprets Darbyshire's testimony, bringing to life - along with archive footage and animations - this unprecedented and dark episode in international politics from the middle of the last century.

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Reconstructing History

Een “reconstructie van de feiten”. Wat een standaardprocedure is bij heel wat gerechtsonderzoeken, vindt ook in de documentairewereld steeds meer ingang. Om een bijzonder verhaal na te vertellen, maken documentairemakers creatief gebruik van verschillende technieken: niet enkel archiefbeelden, maar ook animaties en reconstructies met acteurs tot deep fakes. Het brengt feiten uit het verleden létterlijk tot leven en leidt - toch bij de beste regisseurs - tot razend spannende documentaires die wegkijken als een ware thriller.

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Directed by Taghi Amirani
UK, Iran
2019 120 min.
Italian, English, Persian
Subtitles: English


Reconstructing History


Taghi Amirani


Paul Zaentz


Taghi Amirani, Simon Fanthorpe, Chris Morphet,a,o


Walter Murch


Robert Miller

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