Palmares DOCVILLE 2006-2019

DOCVILLE 2019   (Overzicht programma)



Ben Asamoah

Jury text: We unanimously selected the film that for us had the most surprising theme. A film that combined a modern visual style with an intriguing story that can appeal to a wide audience. A film that shows an overwhelmingly disturbing struggle and clash of cultures for a generation of unemployed youth in Ghana who mine a treasure trove of information found in the toxic electronic waste dumped there by the West, with some surprising twists of internet fraud aided by traditional African rituals. For us the best film of this Belgian selection was SAKAWA, the first feature documentary by director Ben Asamoah.

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Jury members: Hendrik Verthé (BE), Kathy Brew (US), Peter Lataster (NL)


Heartbound: A Different Kind of Love Story

Janus Metz, Sine Plambech

Jury text: With its rich evolution of nuanced characters and remarkable access, this outstanding film is both epic and intimate, causing us to confront the complex dynamics of how and why relationships come about. We were struck by the strength of the women’s navigation of the global male patriarchy, and the visceral examination of married and familial love, place and identity.

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Jury members: Liz McIntyre (UK), Tim De Keersmaecker (BE), Tom Bleyaert (BE)


One Child Nation

Nanfu Wang & Jialing Zhang

Jury text: A personal and brave investigation into the horrors of the Chinese policies of mass murder and forced sterilization to impose the one child policy. A scar that defined the contemporary Chinese generation. An eyeopener of a surreal magnitude that is little known by the rest of the world. Showing in a multifaceted way how the filmmaker’s family’s history is affected by state policies and propaganda. An upsetting reminder of what totalitarianism is capable of.

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Jury members: Andreas Rocksén (SE), Anna Bertholet (FR), Frank Theys (BE)

Audience Award

Free Solo

Jimmy Chin en Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

DOCVILLE 2018   (Overzicht programma)


Zie Mij Doen

Klara Van Es

Jury text: Het vakmanschap en de techniek van de winnende film waren merkbaar al in de eerste seconde, in een heerlijke scène. We keken naar een hoog technisch niveau, opvallend wegens de keuze van de zwart-wit-fotografie, maar dat stond nooit in de weg van het verhaal. Die hele specifieke keuze voor zwart-wit werd een “non issue”. Er was een duidelijk merkbare warme band tussen de regisseur en de mensen die ze portretteerde (de inwoners van Monnikenheide). Dat kwam allemaal heel authentiek over, er was nooit een geforceerde karakterisering. De film is ook heel oprecht, weet alle valkuilen van sentimentaliteit te ontwijken. Wij als jury hebben unaniem een grote bewondering voor de constructie van de scènes en hoe de speciaal gecomponeerde muziek daarbij is gebruikt. Daarbij bleef de focus altijd op de personages. Kortom: wat een vreugd om te zien, deze film!

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Jury members: Leen Engelen (BE), Christopher Quin (US), Ward Verrycken (BE)



Renata Terra, Bruno Jorge, Mariana Oliva

Jury text: Every once in a while you sit in the cinema and can’t believe your eyes. This film’s observational style succeeded to slow down time immersing the viewer deep into a disappearing world and discovering with absolute incredulity a moment we will never forget. We would like to Recognize the filmmakers sensitive and ethical process which enabled this story to be successfully told we award the prize to Piripkura

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Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE), Neasa Ní Chianáin (IE), Daniel Cross (CA)


The Deminer

Hogir Hirori

Jury text: We’ve decided to give our jury’s main award to a documentary depicting day-to-day work of a modern-day hero, a somewhat suicidal healer of the country torn apart by seemingly never ending war. The film let us witness how this insanely brave man digs out deadly danger from dry soil; his mission is to demine houses and fields, his tool are a simple knife, cutters and bare hands. The Conscience Jury award goes to beautifully told thriller documentary The Deminer, incisive account of the acute sense of futility in paralyzed Iraqi society, amazingly put together by Hogir Hirori a Shinwar Kamal from hundreds of hours of home video footage.

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Jury members: Bart Maes (BE), Martin Horyna (CZ), Anna Van Der Wee (BE)

Audience Award

Doof Kind

Alex de Ronde

DOCVILLE 2017   (Overzicht programma)


Burning Out

Jérôme Le Maire

Jury text: All of the jury for the National Selection were very impressed by the quality and the diversity of the filmmaking in the category. Before we announce the winner we would like to give an Honourable Mention to 2 projects. Unfortunately there can only be one winner. For us, this film had an important message to share. It shone a light on a phenomenon that extends far beyond the parameters of this film. What made this documentary special for us was the gentle intimacy it achieved with its subjects, in a difficult environment to film. The result was touching, shocking, entertaining and thought-provoking. We are delighted to say that the winner is Burning Out.

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Jury members: Ludo Vangenechten (BE), Emma Simpson (UK), Mike Ott (US)


School life (In Loco Parentis)

Neasa Ní Chianáin, David Rane

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE), Ed Perkins (UK), Katrien Volders (BE)


City of Ghosts

Matthew Heineman

Jury members: Andrew Feinstein (SA), Kristof Bilsen (BE), Alex ter Beek (NL)

Audience Award


Benjamin Ree

Tv-docu series


Fien Troch, Bart Maes, Eva Küpper, Sahim Omar Kalifa, Tim De Keersmaecker

Jury members: Wim Van Rompaey (BE), Roel Vande Winkel (BE), Debbie Marbus (NL)

DOCVILLE 2016   (Overzicht programma)


Reach for the Sky

Wooyoung Choi, Steven Dhoedt

Jury members: John Appel (NL), Melissa Lindgren (NO), Peter Hutch (US)


Life, Animated

Roger Ross Williams

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE), Sophie Schoukens (BE), Marianne Mäkelä (FI)


This Changes Everything

Avi Lewis

Jury members: Ides Debruyne (BE), Lieve Blancquart (BE), Paul Thiltges (LU)

Audience Award

Life, Animated

Roger Ross Williams

Tv-docu series


Guillaume Graux, Jan Antonissen

Jury members: Niek Koppen (NL), Steven Dhoedt (BE), Hendrik Willemyns (BE)

DOCVILLE 2015   (Overzicht programma)


Twilight of a Life

Sylvain Biegeleisen

Jury members: Willemiek Kluijfhout, Peter Jäger en Marc Boonen


Garnet's Gold

Ed Perkins

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE), Sofie Benoot (BE), Sheila Curran Bernard (US)



Camilla Nielsson

Jury members: Paul Pauwels (BE), Ulla Simonen (FI), Hanne Phlypo (BE)

Tv-docu series

De Werkende Mens

Lode Desmet

Jury members: Floris-Jan van Luyn (NL), Marc Didden (BE), Klara Van Es (BE)

DOCVILLE 2014   (Overzicht programma)


What about Eric?

Lennart Stuyck en Ruben Vermeersch

Jury members: Olivier Van den Broeck (BE), Joerg Burger (AT), Geert Zagers (BE)



Thomas Balmès

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (VRT), Pieter Van Huystee (NL), Liesbeth De Ceulaer (BE)



Orlando Von Einsiedel

Jury members: Cara Cusumano (US), Marc Reynebeau (BE), Jos Van Den Berghe (BE)

DOCVILLE 2013   (Overzicht programma)


Behind the Redwood curtain

Liesbeth De Ceulaer

Jury members: Remko Schnorr (NL), Ellen De Waele (BE), David Wilson (US)


Expedition to the End of the World

Daniel Dencik

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE), Dimitri Van Zeebroeck (BE), Anne Vierhout (NL)


A River Changes Course

Kalyanee Mam

Jury members: Frieda Van Wyck (BE), Cullen Hoback (US), Youn Ji (AT)

DOCVILLE 2012   (Overzicht programma)


Empire of Dust

Bram Van Paesschen

Jury members: Erja Dammert (FI), Philippe Van Meerbeeck (BE) en Yoohan Leyssens (BE)


Il Castello

Massimo D’Anolfi, Martina Parenti

Jury members: Ines Skribic (UK), Dave Mestdagh (BE), Tom Bleyaert (BE)


The Ambassador

Mads Brügger

Jury members: Floris-Jan Van Luyn (NL), Rudi Vranckx (BE), Alexander Weiss (BE)

DOCVILLE 2011   (Overzicht programma)


L'île déserte

Steve Thielemans

Jury members: Manu Riche (BE), Jani-Petteri Passi (FI), Tinne Bral (BE)



Jeff Malmberg

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE), Erza Droog (NL), Bart van Langendonck (BE)



Floris-Jan van Luyn

Jury members: John Van Daele (BE), Luckas Vander Taelen (BE), Alexandra Hertwig (DE)

DOCVILLE 2010   (Overzicht programma)



Jan Lapeire

Jury members: Patrick Duynslaegher (BE), Tom Bleyaert (BE), Paul Thiltges (LU)


How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?

Norberto López Amado & Carlos Carcas

Jury members: Bram Van Paesschen (BE), Cecilie Bolvinkel (DK), Mads Mikkelsen (DK)

DOCVILLE 2009   (Overzicht programma)


Zondag Gaat het Gebeuren

Joeri Vlekken

Jury members: Dewi Gregory (UK), Jan Temmerman (BE), Yves Cantraine (BE)


Dear Zachary

Kurt Robert Kuenne

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE), Chantal Krakowski (BE), Rostioslav Aalto (FI)

DOCVILLE 2008   (Overzicht programma)


Le Flic, La Juge et L'Assassin

Yves Hinant

Jury members: Astrid Bussink (NL) , Stefaan Werbrouck, Rob Rombout



Gonzalo Arijon

Jury members: Ulla Jacobsen (European Documentary Network, DK), Luc Vrydaghs, Tom Bleyaert

DOCVILLE 2007   (Overzicht programma)


Het Rijksadministratief Centrum

Yves Cantraine

Jury members: Lode Desmet (BE), Melinde Gerber (NL) en Ruben Nollet (BE)


The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun

Pernille Rose Grønkjær

Jury members: Martijn te Pas (NL), Jan Roekens (BE), Tom Bleyaert (BE)

DOCVILLE 2006   (Overzicht programma)


Rwanda, les Collines Parlent

Bernard Bellefroid

Jury members: Rob Rombouts


Last Supper

Mats Bigert & Lars Bergström

Jury members: Tom Bleyaert (BE)

Best debut

Cyprien, Moi et Les Autres

Jean-Baptiste Dumont

Jury members: Jan Temmerman, Maria Tarantino en Lode Desmet